The Wine Museum in Torgiano, Umbria

The Wine museum appeals to all ages!

Torgiano seen from the fields with vines and some snapshots from The Wine Museum in Torgiano.
Torgiano seen from the fields with vines and some snapshots from The Wine Museum in Torgiano.

”Event though I can`t drink wine this was still amazing. Mason 12 years old”.

I had to smile when I read this in the guestbook at the Wine Museum in Torgiano. We had just spent over an hour there and would like to contribute to the guestbook as well. Mason had apparently visited the museum with his family the day before, shame we missed his enthusiasm! But we can promise you; you do not need to be a connoisseur to enjoy the Wine Museum in Torgiano.

The large vineyards situated on the gentle hills around the city dominate the medieval town of Torgiano. Torgiano was the first area in Umbria receiving DOC labeled “Controlled designation of origin” in 1968. Torgiano is part of the Strada dei Vini del Cantico and has a great wine museum, an olive oil museum and a modern ceramics museum. The town sits on a hill above where the rivers Tiber and Chiascio meet. This contributes to a mild climate and fertile soil, perfect for growing vines.

The Wine Museum in Torgiano opened in 1974. It was the big winegrower Giorgio Lungarotti who along with his wife Maria established a fund with the purpose of creating a wine museum in Torgiano. The museum opened in 1974 and is still a private museum dedicated to everything associated with wine making. The most impressive, I thought, was the large collection of ceramic wine containers from all historical eras. Torgiano is together with the city Deruta just nearby, an ancient center for the production of ceramic products, especially related to the wine culture.

The Wine Museum in Torgiano has multiple perspectives, archaeological, ethnographic and artistic and shows an impressive breadth regarding man’s relationship with wine. The place is a must visit if you are in Torgiano. The entrance to the museum is unimpressive and you might think this is a small local museum. But do not be fooled, inside you’ll find 3 floors with interesting information and exciting objects.

Vittoria take good care of you at the wine museum in Torgiano
Vittoria take good care of you at the wine museum in Torgiano.


Right next to the museum entrance you will find the museum shop with a good selection of wines from the area and I can assure you that they have many good wines. Here in the museum’s Osteria we met Vittoria who let us taste different wines in a spacious glass and we allowed ourselves to enjoy it, even though it was early in the morning. Of course we also had to purchase some bottles of recommended white wine from the area. – And the wine tasted perfectly well!


The Ceramic Museum:

Not far away is the Ceramic Museum. This is a small museum, but with an interesting international collection of contemporary ceramics, all with wine as a theme. There are also 2 Norwegian potters represented, Ole Lislerud and Marianne Heyerdahl.

The starting point of the collection is the annual celebration of the new wine in November. 3 potters are commissioned to create objects inspired by the classic Umbrian wine container. Over the years it has become a collection of 170 objects by 51 different artists. In addition, the museum has a collection of ceramic sculptures by the artist Nino Caruso. He donated this collection of 58 separate objects to the museum. If you are interested in art, you should definitely visit this little museum too.

There are many interesting museums in Umbria and in most museums you can catch a brochure showing the way to the next exciting show and to the next medieval town.

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