Why we love safari

We love safari not only because of the animals, but for so many other reasons . . .

Driving across the savannah in Uganda.
Driving across the savannah in Uganda.

The sun is already high in the sky and I feel the burning on my shoulders even if it still early morning, it`s only eight! My camera is safe in my lap while the jeep bumps along the narrow gravel roads across the savannah. Our guide is small talking with Per while I am staring up in every passing Acacia tree in the hope of getting a glimpse of a leopard. The guide told me earlier that leopards like to rest high up on a long branch after breakfast.

The leopard in the acacia tree is my ultimate picture of what to experience on a safari. But no leopard shows up this morning. Then it crackles in our guide`s radio and he is talking in unintelligible code words. Soon he turns to us. – It’s a young male lion not far away, so hold on. He sets the pace up and reverses out of the gravel road up a small grassy slope and into the bush.

We love safari because its exciting and you never know what`s around the next bend!

Not long after we spot another jeep with tourists like us. We are all excited and concentrating on getting the best camera angle. Only 20 meter in front of the car the majestic lion is yawning and looking at us with a lazily glance. We are not a threat I believe he is thinking. However, we still whisper and move slowly as we try to find different angles for our pictures. For me it is a devoutly moment. It is my first safari and we are in one of the private parks connected with Kruger National Park in South Africa.

Young male lion, South Africa. We love safari.
Young male lion, South Africa. We love safari.

We love safari because it gives us close contact with animals in the wild!

This was in 2008 and in the years to come we have been on safari many times.  The first time we where very keen to see The Big Five. (Leopard, lion, elephant, buffalo and hippo, the animals most dangerous to hunt.) After many more safaris it`s not only the animals that are fascinating, but just as much the great nature you always find in these areas. The best safari experience is to walk with a ranger early in the morning and see the sunrise.

We love safari because it makes us appreciate this wonderful world!

We saw all the Big Five on this first safari. The day after the experience with the young lion we had dinner inside the Kruger National Park on a terrace overlooking a riverside.  Suddenly some people started pointing and gesturing. Just underneath the terrace on the riverside a leopard was rolling in the sand. One of the rangers went to get a spotlight and we all got a good look at the leopard. It took quite a long time before he got bored of the heavy light and all the talking just 30 meters above. But eventually he slowly walked away out of the bright light.

We love safari because it gives us unique experiences and memories for life!

Climbing lions in Uganda.
Climbing lions in Uganda.

It had been an eventful day and the next day was just as exciting. Our first safari was ordered on the net by our self. It lasted for one week and at the same time we where transported from Johannesburg to Durban. We where going to Durban anyway and to have all this excitement on our way was a big bonus. We visited several parks, both public and private and spent 2 days in Kruger National Park. In this way we got to see different parts of the country and a lot of variations in the landscape, from high mountains to savannah and swampy forest just north of Durban.

Safari is not only animals in the wild, but also just as much a fantastic nature experience. If you stay for several days at a lodge inside a park it can also be a very relaxing holiday. We spent 5 days just outside Ngorongoro National Park and went for long walks I the neighborhood in addition to safaris in the park and down to the Ngorongoro crater.

Our most memorable safari was in Uganda December 2010. We organized the trip our self with good help from a friend and travelled for 15 days with friends. It was a hectic trip from one National Park to another. One great experience topped the other in a long row of great adventures. If you have never been on a safari, it should be on your bucket list for things to do before you die!

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