Why not stay overnight in an old lighthouse?

Getting close to nature visiting an old lighthouse in Norway

Detail from the lighthouse
Details from the lighthouse.

There are many old lighthouses, now automated, along the long coast of Norway. Some of these are situated in dramatic sceneries and you will get in close contact with forces of nature while visiting. These lighthouses do not need daily inspections anymore and the living facilities are not longer needed for the lighthouse keeper and his family. Fortunately ordinary people can now rent these jewels and enjoy a simple life in stunning surroundings. Many people rent for the weekends to celebrate a anniversary or just having a nice time in a new environments.

Lighthouse Homlungen in Norway
Lighthouse Homlungen in Norway.

The coastal fairway (in Norwegian, kystleden) is administrated by Oslofjorden Friluftsråd. They take care of the recreation areas in the Oslo fjord among many other things. One of their tasks is to rent out the old lighthouses and small cabins along the Norwegian coast. Its not expensive and it’s a great way to experience Norwegian cabin life. Visit their web site for more information. It`s unfortunately only in Norwegian. If you are seriously interested, I suggest you get some Norwegian friends and let them help you. Sending a mail in English would be no problem, I am sure you will get an answer back in English.

You can also just enjoy the photos I took this June when staying for one night at the lighthouse Homlungen in the archipelago Hvaler. You can se a lot more exciting travel photos at this website: travelphotodiscovery.com

Sunset at the lighthouse.
Sunset at the lighthouse.
Lighthouse Homlungen in Norway.
Lighthouse Homlungen early morning.
Lighthouse Homlungen in the afternoon.
Lighthouse Homlungen early morning.
Lighthouse Homlungen, shelter for the wind between the houses.
Lighthouse Homlungen is on a very small island only 30 m from the mainland.
Lighthouse Homlungen in Norway
Lighthouse Homlungen in Norway.
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