Vietnam – Christmas in Ho Chi Minh City

Vietnam a colorful country

Mekong Delta, Viet Nam

In a communist country like Vietnam where buddhists are in majority you do not expect a sumptuous Christmas celebrating and colorful decoration of streets. But we were so very wrong! Heineken was sponsor for this years decoration with lights in all the main streets and big signs saying: Peace – Love – Heineken. All shopping malls had christmas trees with glitter, colorful bulbs and hangings. The children were dressed as Santa Claus sitting on daddys moped often 3 children at the same moped. Mopeds are everywhere. They spouts and beart and drive gleefully round and around the city`s central roundabout.

Christmas decoration in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Food is served on every corner and all pavements are transformed into small street restaurants at night. They cook their food on open fire and you sit on a small plastic chair. Per ate caterpillars and caused great cheers with our hosts and other guests. Christmas evening was big celebration were everyone seemed to have taken the trip into town. The youth throw glitter on each other and flirted like youth every where else.

Mopeds and bikes dominates the streets in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Mopeds and bikes dominates the streets in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


Tunnels used in the war, Viet Nam
Tunnels used in the war, Viet Nam

Rubber production:
There are much to see and explore in the neighborhood of Ho Chi Minh City. Some miles north you find the Cu Chi tunnels and the underground city that Vietcong excavated out during the Vietnam war. It is a complicated system with narrow tunnels just near an american military base. The area was heavily bombed but the just made new and more tunnels. Large parts of this area is now planted with rubber trees. Sap are tapped from the trees and collected in big buckets.

Rubber production, Viet Nam
Rubber production, Viet Nam

Mekong and the Delta:
Life along the Mekong River is teeming, colorful and it is people everywhere. But if you sail further down into the delta area it become quiet and calm. Mekong Delta consist of many small rivers and channels. With a canoe its easy to get around. But go with a guide it is easy to get lost in these maze of water.

Along the Mekong River in Vietnam
Along the Mekong River in Vietnam
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  • What makes Mekong Delta such a charming destination ?
    The answer might come out as the elegant outfit of ladies in this region. Together with ao baba, the stereotypical black silk pajamas (although ao ba ba can be any colors) , the Vietnamese leaf-covered hat (non la) which can not be found from anywhere else in the world. A Non La is great protection from sun and rain. The hat elegantly enhances the sentimental attractiveness of Vietnamese girls because they are mysteriously hidden, showing only their shy blush cheeks and long hair beneath the broad rims of the “non la”. The leaf hat is not only a symbol of Vietnamese girls, but has also become part of the spirit of Vietnam, the nation.
    Spend a day on a river in the Mekong Delta and you’ll understand why!

    Visit: for more info

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