Travel safe with a secret pocket

Safe pocket made easy and travel safe made easier

Suddenly you feel a slight movement behind you or a weak wind up along the side of your body. You look around and see nothing suspicious. Then you relaxe and it might take an hour before you realize that your purse is gone or the zipper on your handbag is open and there is no longer any cellphone or credit cards there. Or may be the small camera you had in the deep pocket of your jacket is gone as well!

Travel safe with a safe pocket!
Travel safe with a safe pocket!

Especially in large cities there are often pickpockets afoot and they strike when you least expect it. It is hard to imagine how capable these small time crooks are. But when you are exposed to that creepy feeling and are getting robbed without noticing, you know what I am talking about. But there are smart solutions that you can make yourself. Travel safe, use your head and make yourself a safe pocket.

I sew secret pockets in all of Per`s trousers and on all my own trousers and skirts, even my tights get a secret pocket. I make them so that it not possible to see from outside that you have a safe pocket underneath. Especially on jeans this is easy to accomplish. I sew the safe pocket on the inside and in the seam of the waistband from the outside of the trousers. The safe pocket is invisible, however you must choose the right color on the tread.

Decide what you want to keep safe in the safe pocket. Remember, it is a limitation on how much you can have there and still sit and walk comfortable. Room for a passport, credit card and some money is no problem. I start cutting a piece of fabric with room enough for a passport or smaller if it is only for money and credit cards. I then sew the seams on the sides and reverse it. Let one of the short sides stay 2 cm longer. This is the part that is sewn to the waistline. Sew it from the outside of the clothing to get full control over the seam and make sure the seam is just in the waistline seam.

Look at the images under and I am sure you can make it! And I hope you can travel safe as well. The last year family and friends has been coming by and got their safe pockets as well. It’s simple and fast to make safe pockets and the result is that you can travel safe or safer; you still have to use your head and be careful.

I am a textile artis as well and are good friens with my sewing machine. If you want to see some of my art works, look her!

Last year we had a weekend in Amsterdam and forgot our careful planning and safe pockets. Result; we got mugged! Read more about this here: Amsterdam Weekend

Travel safe with a safe pocket, easy to make.
Travel safe with a safe pocket, easy to make.
Travel save with a self made safe pocket.
Travel save with a self made safe pocket.
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