The penguins on Boulders Beach

Pingvins on beautiful Boulders Beach, South Africa
Penguins on beautiful Boulders Beach, South Africa

These little clumsy animals never stop fascinating me. Penguins are one of the weirdest animals I know. They are awesome and I believe I took more than 100 photos only with penguins when I visited Boulders Beach on the Western Cape in South Africa in 2016.

White sand and penguins at Boulder Beach
White sand and penguins at Boulder Beach

Boulders Beach is part of the Table Mountain National Park Marine Protected Area and is located near by Simon’s Town. The beaches are dazzling white and protected by large boulders. The boulders create sheltered coves where the penguins can find protection for waves and winds. These are African penguins and the only penguin breed on the African continent. You can see penguin colonies several places in South Africa and in Namibia. Here at Boulders Beach, conditions are made easy for you to experience the penguins’ close up, also in a wheelchair. And we were extra lucky; there were both small and big penguin kids there during our visit.

There are wooden platforms and elevated paths to walk on so that the penguins are disturbed as little as possible. But the penguin colony has not always been on this beach. They came here as late as 1983, probably because the conditions with food and shelter were extra good here. The conditions stayed great for a long time and the colony grew, but today the food is less and the colony is reduced. This is true of all African penguins. They are now considered an endangered animal.

I get easily excited and have to admit that seeing these penguins sent me back to the mental state of age 5. I’m not embarrassed to admit that. When the penguins’ waggle down to the waves and the big kids looks puffy and lost, I’m also lost in my admiration of all the variations of life in our world. Not that I am going to humanize these cute animals, but I can not help but see how a social life takes place in front of my eyes. There are small groups who argue, a mother who takes extra care and some little penguin that just want to be left in peace.

It costs money to get into Boulders Beach. There are also beaches that are suitable for swimming with young children and you can spend the whole day here. More info, visit:

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