Land Art in Tafraoute, Morocco

Land Art in Tafraoute, Morocco
Land Art in Tafraoute, Morocco

Jean Veran`s painted rocks dominates the landscape in Tafraoute

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In the dry desert landscape with its characteristic red soil, we suddenly discover blue, pink and green formations. The landscape just outside the small town Tafraoute in Anti Atlas in Morocco is amazingly beautiful. The strange granite stone formations is scattered all over. Cliffs and mountains are built up from boulders, which in a distant past was formed into nature’s own piece of art. On one top a giant boulder thrones in dangerously unbalance, apparently! About 550 million years ago the granite deep down in the earth melted when the continental blocks collided to form Africa. In addition wind and rain have through millions of years formed the dramatic landscape around Tafraoute.

Land Art, panted rocks, Tafraoute, Morocco

In this environment 4 km outside of Tafraoute, the Belgian painter Jean Veran have made his stunning art project. The painted stone formations come as a surprise to you and are a contrast to the landscapes own golden red colors. Jean Veran helps you to experience the beauty of the landscape in a new, and for my part, stronger way. Some places the whole mountain is painted in blue. My personal opinion is that his artistic expression is strongest when he is limited to only paint single stones and restricted areas. Restricting himself makes the art more obviously and the contrast to nature is more exciting.

Land Art, landscape in Tafraoute, Morocco

The stones in Tafraoute where painted in 1984 with help from local firemen. 18 tons of paint where sprayed over parts of the landscape. During the 30 years that have passed, the colors have faded. But it is still an incomparable and colorful experience to walk around in this artwork. Part of this area is only accessible by 4×4 vehicles. It’s also a very beautiful area for tracking and you can stay the night in charming Berber tents.

Tafroute is the heart of Berber land in Anti Atlas mountains. The town is situated in an oasis in a remote valley. To day the town is a favorite spot for mountain climbers. Tafraoute has about 5.000 inhabitants. In the sixties many European hippies found their way here.





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