Holocoast Memorial in Berlin

Holocoas Memorial Berlin

Strong monument in Berlin

Holocoast Memorial, Berlin
Holocoast Memorial, Berlin

The Holocoast Memorial in Berlin was completed in December 2004 and is build up from 2711 concrete columns in different sizes. New York architect Peter Eisenman is responsible for the monument. He have said that he wanted his work to give a feeling of petrified and alienated forest and to create confusion and unrest in the mind of the visitors.

The monument over 6 million murdered jews covers an area of 19.000 m2 in the center of Berlin, just some 100 meters from the entrance to Hitler`s bunker.

You can enter Holocoast Memorial from all sides and its open and available all day and night. Under the monument its a visitors center worth visiting.

Between the columns fantastic shadows are created.
Between the columns fantastic shadows are created.

The ground under all the columns are uneven and like waves. When the columns at the same time are in different hights the effect is amazing. I have to admit that I did not get confused or uneasy being there in spite of what the architect wanted me to feel. I found the monument very beautiful and it was exciting to walk between the columns. As found most of the children visiting the site when we was there. It was perfect for hide and seek. But the thought of what this monument symbolize is very unsettling and scary. A historic cruelty which must never happen again, but it is happening again and again

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