Gospel Service in Langa Baptist Church

Making noise for Jesus in Langa Baptist Church
Making noise for Jesus in Langa Baptist Church

Langa Baptist Church emphasizes powerful gospel singing and an open door for all, including us tourists. The first time Per and I visited Langa Baptist Church, many years ago, they had a slogan across the stage “Make noise for Jesus”. And it really rocked. Even we who are a bit more reserved and cautious could hardly keep from moving, but waved a little gently with our hips and sang with the rest of the joyful people.

In 2016 I was back in Langa and in the Baptist Church with a group of ladies from Norway on an art and craft tour. Again, the power of the song and the good atmosphere in this church, located in the middle of Langa Township, touched us all. This is a poor area in which large parts of the population live in carnivores and where crime rates are high. But there are also a lot of positive things happening in Langa, and in the Baptist Church people find hope and they experience unity.

Sang og glede i Langa Baptistkirke
Song and joy in Langa Baptist Church

If you go to Langa with one of the local tour operators, they urge you to take part in activities around you. For example, when we went to the pub in Langa, the deal was that we should talk to people, not just look at them. Of course, however, when it is pointed out in this way, we realize that it is not all tourists who meet this society with respect. We had great concerns about being tourists in a township. We resented the feeling of peeping, but whatever we try, tourists do just that a lot of the time. We had difficulties finding a solution to the problem. Maybe we should just leave it?

Mange var kledd i tradisjonelle Zuludrakter, Langa Baptistkirke
Many where dressed in traditional Zulu outfit, Langa Baptist Church
Glad gutt med danseglede i Langa Baptistkirke
A happy little boy dansing in Langa Baptist Church

We are both curious about other cultures and on other people’s way of living. We want to learn the most and the best way is just meeting other people and cultures face to face. We ended up visiting Langa and did not regret it. We were so very welcomed in the church and had both a learning experience and fun this Sunday morning in Langa Baptist Church.

A visit to Langa Baptist Church is highly recommended. The church is located at Sandile Avenue in Langa, Cape Town. They also run a soup kitchen, sewing lessons for the women and help to orphans.

We are going back to Cape Town in November this year and have rented an apartment for 10 days together with friends. Langa Baptist Church will of course be on our list of things to share with our friends!


Boligskur i Langa Township
Dwellings in Langa Township
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