Eating around the world, part 1

Hunting for the great food experience

Food is an important part of our travel experiences and plays a major role in the success of the trip. When traveling we eat most meals at various restaurants and hotels.  Eating experiences may vary from catastrophic to heavenly. The joy of a good meal may also give us memories we can take out and enjoy together many years after. Now we have digged up some of these great food experiences to share them with you.

Some years ago we travelled around Wales. Totally by random we found a place like in the fairy tales and we wished we had many days to just stay, eat and enjoy. The place was  The Cors   – Restaurant with rooms. In an amazing house in a fantasy garden this superb restaurant could also offer 2 rooms for rent. Chef and owner is still Nick Prestland. He is a charming man who has lived out his dreams. To this place we could go back a hundred times, not only because of the food, but also because of the friendly and informal host and staff.

The Cors – Restaurant with rooms in Wales.
The Cors – Restaurant with rooms in Wales.

The Cors is situated in the village Laugharne in Wales. We drove our own car and beforehand we had decided that we should only stop at the ultimate idyllic places. And it’s many of those in the rural areas in wales.  Laugharne was such a village! We walked in the narrow alleys when we discovered the beautiful garden and a worn sign telling us that this place also offered accommodation. His two rooms were occupied for the night, but we agreed with Nick to come back the next day. Nick was the perfect host and before dinner, the guest mingled in the garden. Just as we were invited to a private party. The Cors is a gourmet restaurant with an informal and romantic atmosphere.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen is a city we often visit. It takes us only 5 hours from our own doorstep to the center of Copenhagen. We are so lucky to have friends we can stay with. When driving to Copenhagen it is a tradition to stop at Humlebæk Kro on Strandveien north of Copenhagen to have lunch.  This old and traditional tavern is situated just opposite Lousianna Art Museum. So have your lunch and visit the art museum after wards.

Copenhagen will always be one of our absolute favorite cities for great food experiences.  Fredriks Have has been on my top list of restaurants for the last 10 – 12 years.  A nice host is always a plus and the owners Eva and Ole Sellberg is just that; welcoming and service minded. They make fabulous food worth driving the 1000 km back and forth to spend an evening at their restaurant. Fredriks Have is situated in Fredriksberg Municipality, which oddly enough is in the middle of Copenhagen. The address is Smallegade 41. It is recommended to reserve a table and you can do that on the net.

St. Sebastian, Spain
When talking about food we often refer to a specific restaurant. But some times it may be a matter of a whole city worth visiting and referring to as a food Mecca! Or may be a whole country? As I am writing I am thinking about a very specific and beautiful city. We went there in 2013 during Easter and spent some 3-4 days. I could have died from food happiness!

From a Pintox bar in St. Sebastian, Spain.
From a Pintox bar in St. Sebastian, Spain.

St. Sebastian is not an unknown place for food lovers. Spain is a fabulous food country. But St. Sebastian is a wet dream and I am often dreaming about it. We could have recommended several places in St. Sebastian but what’s the point? No matter which restaurant you visit you will find delicious and exiting food.  We ended up eating breakfast twice every day just to taste all the different pintox and then lunch twice and dinner in the evening. St. Sebastian is also a very beautiful city so go eat and enjoy! Check also this site:

Santiago de Compostella, Spain
Santiago de Compostella is the end of the pilgrimage route and a place many walk to for different reasons. We went with a hired car and settled in at the Parador Hostal Dos Reis, just opposite the big Cathedral. This Parador has a restaurant called Reis. The dinner there was unforgettable in all respects; the cave like location, the food and the staff. The food was superb and the location was charming and staff was welcoming. Our waiter this evening lifted the experience up to theatrical silent movie show, which amused me precious. Perhaps not everyone would have appreciated it as we did, but you would never forget it if you were as lucky us we were.

Restaurant Reis in Santiago De Compostella, Spain.
Restaurant Reis in Santiago De Compostella, Spain.


Interior at Restaurant Reis in Santiago De Compostella, Spain.
Interior at Restaurant Reis in Santiago De Compostella, Spain.

Santillana del Mar, Spain
If you are travelling in Northern Spain don’t miss the museum-like village Santillana Del Mar. We can recommend the restaurant Los Blasones on Plaza La Gandara. We had beautiful lamb, delicious see food and a totally indescribable lemon Champagne sorbet as a worthy conclusion. Recommended wine in the part of the world is undoubtedly white wine based on the grape Albarino. Read more about Northern Spain in previous posts.

At restaurant Los Blasones on Plaza La Gandara, Santillana Del Mar. Spain.
At restaurant Los Blasones on Plaza La Gandara, Santillana Del Mar. Spain.
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