Baby elephants in Nairobi

Cute, orphan baby elephants, charms everyone in Nairobi

The greatest tourist attraction in Nairobi is not the big National Park adjacent to the city or the former home of the Danish author Karen Blixen.  No, it is an orphanage for baby elephants just half an hour outside the city at the edge of the national park. To this baby elephant orphanage comes both adults and children to see the small ones having fun taking their daily mud bath and getting fed by their keepers. Playing soccer is very popular among the baby elephants. But it is a bittersweet experience. It is well known that poachers do a lot of damage to the elephant population in Kenya and other African countries. And that’s why so many baby elephants have to get help at The David Sheldrick Orphan`s Project. Some of them are found nearly newborn and are traumatized when they come to the center. Unfortunately not everyone can be saved. I had seen a TV documentary about the work this center do to help these baby elephants just a year or so before we went to Kenya. A visit to The Elephant Orphan Project was therefor a must. We were 4 grown ups travelling together and we all went out to visit the baby elephants. We had so much fun and also learned so much about this important work that we all wanted to recommend this attraction to everyone visiting Nairobi. No wonder this is the number one attraction in Nairobi.

Baby elephants in Nairobi Kenya.
Baby elephants in Nairobi Kenya.

The David Sheldrick Orphan`s Project is only open one hour a day, between 11.00 and 12.00. It is important that the small baby elephants get peace and quiet and are not treated like entertainers. Not all baby elephants at the orphanage are shown off. Only those adjusted to the life at the center and passed their worst trauma are meeting with the public. At this orphanage for baby elephants each little one has its own keeper sleeping together with the child all night. The center sees the baby elephants as equal to human babies. They all need love, warmth and comfort. The David Sheldrick Orphan`s Project has a very good reputation. You can support the center by adopting a baby elephant. Enjoy this video where the baby elephants are having a mud bath and if you ever get to Nairobi, you know what to see!

Whe the baby elephants where gone, this one came running in to take his mud bath as well!
Whe the baby elephants where gone, this one came running in to take his mud bath as well!
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