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Travel with all senses offers travel tips to boomers still young and everyone with an interest for adventure, culture, arts and good food. Enjoy world wide exploring off the track with Bente and Per.

We want to share with others travel tips and all the joy we have travelling and inspire others to travel more and more often. How can life after 50, 60 or 70 be eventful and meaningful? Discover the beauty and variety of the world and you will get the answer. We believe all humans can benefit from travels. Spread your wings and experience other cultures and meet other people. We believe traveling can contribute to increased understanding and tolerance in the world. Travelling enriches our lives.

Who are we?

We are a married couple living in Fredrikstad, a small city in Norway. We love to travel, eat good food, meet people and we have lived for so long now that we do not collect goods and gold any more, but good memories and experiences. On this blog we offer travel tips off the beaten track – you are never too old to experience the world!

We want to give travel tips with practical information about travelling and also hope to give inspiration to travel more often and to more distant destinations. We want to offer travel tips and exiting new destinations for boomers and everyone else for that matter on this travel blog.

We have always travelled much and even more after we met and joined our forces in 1998. Bente is a textile artist and the former editor of a Scandinavian Quilt magazine. Per is originally a timber man, but spent some years at sea when he was young. Then he worked with sound for other musicians for some years and to day his main occupation is making good food and keeping a good mood in our home.

Why do a travel blog?

We both love the planning period before travelling. We mostly travel on our own and some times with friends. Many exotic destinations have been visited during the last 10 years and we are planning many new ones. We have collected a lot of experience and want to share this with you on this travel blog. We want to inspire others to travel more often and more independently. Its absolutely possible, even if you are older than 20 and don’t want to experience the world as a backpacker. To travel gets only better and better the older you get! That is our personal experience and we want to share these travel tips with you on this blog.

Bente`s first big trip abroad was to India when she was 9 years old. There she lived with her mother, father and two younger brothers for 1 year. Her father is a social anthropologist and did studies in a village in Kerala in South India. This made a big impact on her and formed her life forever. Per got his first cultural shock in the harbors of Africa at 17 and then later he got familiar with French cooking and has loved cooking ever since.

We believe all humans can benefit from travels, experiencing other cultures and meeting other people. Travelling enriches our lives and contributes to increased understanding and tolerance in the world.

Our background, interests, taste and needs will always characterize every description of travels.  For our part it’s a very different experience to travel today than as 20 year or 40 year olds. What was most significant as young persons can be a lot different later in life. To sleep in a tent or among vines in a field hitch hiking in the seventies was great. Today the vine castle is more tempting both physical and mentally. But the experience of travelling is just the same! The crisp bread we ate with a piece of cheese on the roadside was as much a pleasure as the 5-course dinner we had in a reputable restaurant later in life. The travel experience is just as great, travelling on a budget than travels with more luxury if you travel with your soul and enjoy the change from everyday life. We hope to convey this on our travel blog as well.

One day we had a beautiful and tasty meal in Ho Chi Minh City, costing 300 $, but the other day we dined some streets away for only 10 $ and had just as great an experience. We have lived cheaply in fabulous lodges in Namibia while we the day after checked in at a very luxurious lodge were nothing was right. The cheap lodge had a very nice staff they did not know what good they could do for us. But at the high marked lodge the staff was uninterested and we never saw signs of any leadership. Getting to know people and cultures is better than impersonal luxury.

Travels are like life itself. We have to include all our senses and se the differences at all levels. It’s a big difference to travel in Europe, Africa, Asia, Norway or Sweden. As visitors we should be prepared to meet the diversity in cultures and human relations with great respect. When we visit a foreign country we are all guests that have to respect the hosts rules and practices even if we like it or not.

Some travel stories

Some years ago we stayed at a very special hotel in New Zealand. Our car went out of gas in a small and very creepy (for us!) town with a big wooden hotel reminding of the movie “Shining” with Jack Nicolson.  There was no possibility to get petrol before the day after so we just had to stay. The hotel owner was surprised by our interest in staying at his hotel. He walked us up a stair and down a long and poorly lighted corridor was all doors were open. Over the entire place it was 2 cm layers of dust. In the end of the corridor the door was closed, that was our room. The layers of dust were may be half of the other rooms and the window was covered with spiders. It gave us the shudders even though the room was hot, hot! An absurd situation that’s still very memorable and later became one of our great travel experiences. But at the time it was just horrible. Fortunately we are both heave sleepers and fall a sleep in all kind of places, even at hotel Shining!

This hotel had definitely soul and someone would may be pay extra for such an experience. We humans are seeking different experiences and have different wishes, but the greatest memories are often from the greatest surprises, for better or worse.

A glass of too hot red wine in a mud hut in Kenya can taste just as divine as a cold Sancerre some days later in the bathtub in the best hotel in Nairobi. The fried fish we shared with the locals near Victoria Lake tasted like something from heaven compered to the 5-course dinner we had some days later. The fish and the people we shared it with was to us unique, something you would never experience in a hotel.

Today we travel as often as our economy allows and unfortunate that’s not as often as we would like. The last years we have been many times in Africa. We are at the moment planning a 6 weeks trip to South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Ethiopia. Bente has the last year startet a collaboration with the travel agent Explore Travel and are making special trips with focus on art, craft and culture. She is also the tour leader for most of these trips and get to see even more of the world.

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