5 things to do in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam canals
Amsterdam canals

Amsterdam is a city of tolerance, art and multiculturalism

Amsterdam is the perfect city for art and culture. But for us who remember the 60 and 70ties it’s also a city of tolerance, a dream destination for many young people in those days. When we got on the plain early Friday morning, our dream was colorful tulips and a boat trip on the canals.

Our home the next few days would be Hotel NH Museum Quarter. As the name implies it is located right next to most museums and has a perfect setting.

At the Tourist Office we were recommended to purchase a day card for museums and public transport; The Amsterdam card costs 47 Euro. It is well worth the investment and give you a free entrance to all museums, all public transport and even a boat trip on the canals. Our first plan was to visit the Tropen Museum and tram 9 went there.

Tropen Museum, Amsterdam
Tropen Museum, Amsterdam

1. Tropen Museum:

Tropen museum is a magnificent anthropological Museum. They have large collections of items from East Asia, especially from former Dutch colonies. We wandered around for 2 hours without that we encountered that time went. This Museum is well worth a visit, also for the young ones. Tropen Museum have a big department dedicated to children and when we was there, they arranged a birthday party for a group of children. The museum has also changing exhibitions. This can be on many topics; photography or modern art connected to social anthropological issues. I am interested in both art and anthropology, so for me the museum was a great experience and I am certainly visiting it again on my next trip to Amsterdam.

2. Van Gogh Museum:

Take tram 24 to the Museum Quarter and you cannot avoid seeing the great building complex on your right hand. Van Gogh Museum consists of two buildings drawn by two architects; Gerrit Rietveld and Kisho Kurokawa. The first building was finished in 1973 and the second in 1999. This year, 2014 they start to build the new main entrance. The Museum has the world’s largest collection of Van Gogh paintings, more than 200 pieces. But you can see more in this museum. From September 2014 you can enjoy the special exhibition Munch: Van Gogh. It is the first time that these two great artists are in the same exhibition.

Houseboats in Amsterdam
Houseboats in Amsterdam

3. Walking along the canals and a boat trip:

Amsterdam is a city where you slowly walk along the canals, take a drink or a coffee and just enjoy life. Stop and admire the many houseboats, one more original than the other. Houseboat people are easy to get in contact with and most Dutch people speak good English.

Coffeshop in Amsterdam
Coffeshop in Amsterdam

4. Visit a coffeeshop:

You cannot stay in Amsterdam without visiting this very unique concept, the coffeeshop. Do not get confused, it is not a café. There are about 200 coffeeshops in Amsterdam. The reason is the liberal attitude towards weed and cannabis in Amsterdam and The Netherlands. In a coffeeshop you can legally buy weed and sit down to smoke it. But you have to be 18 and have identification papers. Coffeeshops cannot sell alcohol, but you can get mineral water, coffee and some places a simple menu. You are welcome to visit a coffeeshop without buying weed! Coffeeshops are marked with an official white and green logo.

5. Amsterdam Rijksmuseum

Rijksmuseum is impressive. It has nearly 7000-m2-exhibition space. You will probable not manage to see it all without staying in Amsterdam for a longer period. The museum has been closed for 10 years, due to extensive renovations. It opened again in 2013. The opening was celebrated in the art world all over the world. In this museum you can see some of the worlds most famous paintings, like Night Watch and many other paintings by Rembrandt and Vermeer. The museum is open every day from 9.00 to 18.00 and without the Amsterdam Card you must pay 11 Euro to enter.

Rent a bike in Amsterdam
Rent a bike in Amsterdam

More things to do in Amsterdam:

Visit Jordaan, a charming old working class part of town with Westerstraat Market every Monday

Amsterdam is the city of bicycling. Rent a bicycle and go exploring

The diary of Anne Frank is on display at Prinsengracht 263

Amsterdam has many markets; Albert Cuypmarkt, Flee Market Waterlooplein and the floating Flower Market on Singel Canal

Jewish Historical Museum is situated at Nieuwe Amstelstraat 1

Foam – Photography Museum Amsterdam in Keizersgracht 609

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